Why We Love Prism Grout

There was a time when grout was grout, if you wanted an upgrade, you just sealed what you had and that was the end of it. Those days are no more with Custom Building Products introduction of Prism Sure Color Grout. Here at the Flooring Warehouse Outlet we only use Prism in our displays and on the floors in our showroom, Prism is our go-to choice for premium grout.

Prism grout is a polymer modified cement based grout formulated with glass rather than the sand you would find in typical “sanded” grouts, thus giving it a smooth silky texture making for easy workability and a beautiful final product. Prism can be used in grout joints from 1/16″ up to 1/2″ wide, and has a very lightweight composition. Prism comes in 17 pound boxes that cover the same area as a standard grout’s 25 pound bag, each box contains 3 individually sealed interior bags. When doing large areas it’s best to dry mix the bags together before you start mixing up a batch of grout, that way you have %100 color uniformity. Prism grout is very color consistent and will not effloresce. Prism Sure Color Grout is very easy to work with and sets up fast, the video below explains installation and some of the benefits of Prism.



Try Prism grout for yourself so you can see why we love it so much!

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