Hate Your Grout Color? No Problem.

Many people see tile and grout as a very permanent fixture in their home once installed, and for the most part, that is correct. There are some things that you can alter with your installation take, for example, the grout color. Maybe that white grout is hard to clean, or that purple grout was a bad design choice…. Whatever the reason, Aqua Mix grout stain is a wonderful way to fix that problem! We sell Aqua Mix sealers, and cleaning products, but they also make grout stain so you can change and/or renew the color of your grout.It’s a breeze to apply and is also a topcoat sealer! So, once you stain the grout a new color, it will stay that color longer.

There are only a few steps to re-color your grout, first you clean the old grout (we recommend Aqua Mix Pre-treat Cleaner) then the grout stain is applied. Just as any other sealer, with a small brush or applicator bottle onto the grout joint, the final step is removing the residue off of the tile with a clean damp sponge.

Custom Building Products (Aqua Mix’s parent company) has provided a very helpful photo (below) and has a lot of very useful info on their site: CustomBuildingProducts.com


How To: Grout Staining

Photo Credit: Custom Building Products

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